Jala then tels her that that he was requesting her to play with him.. Sign in Recover your password. Qubool Hai – 28th November Written Update. Jo tells them that there was such a drama on going to temple now she did not want any birthday celebrations.. Jodha Akbar Zee TV Scene 3 Jalal informs that there would be jashn in evening, jodha is apprehensive But jalal says she is the favourite of his ami jaan and could not refuse her request of having jashn of jodha begum.

What had made him come to her room so early in the morning.. He had kept his word.. Resham comes and offers Jodha a juice. She wants to know if he did it with her, Jalal says he did nothing.. None could take that position she would always have all her wishes fulfilled at her slightest demand. She says she will obey his every order as she loves him a lot and walks

Precap- The entire royal family and important members are sitting Maham was not seen Rajasthani folk dancers were performing centre court.

Jo says that she was disobeying the shehenshah. Jodha is sitting next to Jalal and enjoying the songs and dance. But what Joeha had done to her was an insult zee tv drama jodha akbar 6 november 2013 her Jalal is confused and looks at her wondering what had he done.

He jokes that it was amazing the there were do do tez talwaar in the same room last night and nothing happened. Blogger Comments Facebook Comments. He jad novejber to her himself … On his own accord.

Jodha Akbar Episode 101 – November 05, 2013

Zee tv drama jodha akbar 6 november 2013, 27 November Jo assures ruks zee tv drama jodha akbar 6 november 2013 she jad no interest in snatching jala from ruks or spend nights with him. Find Us On Facebook. Hameda wants to examine jo … Jo wants to know what exam. She sees that moti bai, salima, hamidagulbadan were there greeting her, Jodha scolds moti for telling every one.

What had made him come to her room so early in the morning. In her melodious voice. Qubool Hai – 28th November Written Update. Jodha Akbar 2nd November Written Episode. Moti comments that every one had gifted her something except jalal. Jodha Akbar 29th November Written Episode Scene 1 adham is taking massage when someone throws stone at him, he ask soldier to see who At last ruks is pleased and satisfied ,happy, she Comments he did know how to pacify her, She then asks jalal what gift had he planned for Jodha, Jalal is hesitant, She then offers him her shahi necklace.

On Nov 8, Dadisa, bharmal are missing jodha and weeping and plan to carry out the same celebrations as they did when she was presentSoon their message reaches jodha at agra.

Jodha Akbar Episode 102 – November 06, 2013

Jo says khel room was the place where he had played with ruks since childhood. Jalal is getting ready in his room jodha reaches there and he utters takliya.

Jodha wants to know who it was who was leaking info she would punish him for spying on her … Soon rahim comes there and jalal points out to the cute spyJodha rahim sweet moments zee tv drama jodha akbar 6 november 2013 he greets his choti ammi and gives a cute gift. The episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya to get out of his house. She says she will obey his every order as she loves him a lot and walks Jalal smiles at ruks n says that ruks never forgot her duties.

Precap … Ruks confronts Jalal for keeping her waiting … Jalal replies that when see was busy with the management of the harem even he used to wait for her.

Jodha Akbar 7th November Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

He had kept his word. Jo then tells her how nothing happened betwen them he had not touched her. She was hating his touch!

It was no big deal. Jodha Akbar 31st December Written Episode.

Resham comes and offers Jodha a juice. And she did not want to displace ruks from khel room jala assures her that she would never do that.

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Jodha Akbar – 29th November Written Update. Newer Post Aknar Post. Jala says he had left something in her room last night. He laughs That he is not the spy. Jodha Akbar 28th October Written Update. Jodha accuses him of spying on her. Scene 1 jalal is angry and says not a single word for my people, i will cut your tongue, he picks up his sword, jodha shouts no, jalal stops