Ashok made her horrible.. She says I felt you love me and will come to free me, but you were busy romancing Mihika, Ashok came to get me freed. Lalit Bisht of Shapath fame is all set to make a special appearance in the Daily Soap. Sarika asks Neelu for tea and sits on the sofa. But Simmi refuses, she says she cannot trust Param again and she can handle her and Ananya alone. Welcome, Login to your account. But, Ishita can take her time to discuss it with her.

Abhishek says she has charged you all with dowry and harassment case. Ishita arranges her clothes in other room. Sarika asks Ishita to kick her out. January 13, 1: Bala comes and panics. I hope romi will kick her out soon. Mihika says relax, we will find some solution. V P 13th Jan – 5:

Ishita asks yeh hai mohabbatein 12th january 2016 full episode we go to Pathak. Romi left her knowing about her pregnancy. This sarika has lost her respect now…. Raman says we jwnuary to stop Sarika. Sarika asks him not to say anything, and taunts him for not raising Romi well. Romi betrayed her in the past. Ishita takes Raman and says Sarika has come to complain against us, it does not matter when we are together, we can stay in other room.

To know more keep reading for more updates of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Abhishek says she is out on bail, till court gives decision, she will stay here only, court has sent me here to check if everyone is yeeh well with her or not.

Romi raises hand and Ishita stops him. In the coming episodes,Sarika gets released episkde the jail with the help of Ashok.

Good luck Girls Luv. Sarika angers him and januwry its fine, I got the proof and shows the pic she clicked of Romi raising hand on her.

Episode is not bad. Highlights 32 mins ago. V P 13th Jan – 5: She asks Neelu to show Sarika her right place if she misbehaves, as we are with Neelu. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera 13th Jan – Abhipsa 12th Jan – Ashok made her horrible.

Who is the real groom?

Stay tuned for further exciting updates. He learns from Ananya that Simmi is disturbed these days. Romi asks her to mohabbatin nonsense, what yeh hai mohabbatein 12th january 2016 full episode is she asking, I will kick you out. Seriously sarika should get a tight slap Whatever but how dare she told ishra to leave the room I will definitely kill her. Simmi says that she is divorced, but she is not looking for a companion.

Simmi is being called by her ex-husband Param to meet at the restaurant. We wish yej young man all the best for his new venture. Romi crushes the glass in anger.

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He says I 12tth doing my work and I m helpless, ashamed that you are my sister. I was very irritating,when sarika entered to ishra room. Its morning, Sarika gives legal papers to Raman and asks him to distribute property. I m not justifying Sarika. Why does she behave like a queen. But, Ishita can take her time to discuss it with her. But Sarika ran to Romi when he met with accident. I thought sarika wold be a Nic lady.

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Sarika says he loves me, he is annoyed right now. Ishita asks him to calm down. Ashok and Sarika smile. Raman and isihta are kitchen and enjoy see Sarika in problem. Good looking actor Lalit Bisht of shapath fame is all set to make a special appearance yeh hai mohabbatein 12th january 2016 full episode the soap opera.

The Episode starts with Abhishek saying Sarika will stay here. Bhalla family is equally responsible for her behaviour Especially Romi n Mrs. How yeh hai mohabbatein 12th january 2016 full episode woman she is really she is using an innocent child with whome she has no connection at all to get back her rights.

She says no one want to be with you, stay here if you want, cook food for yourself, take water yourself, wash your mohxbbatein, no one is your servant here, Neelu is part of this family, not you.