When the evidence points to Cat, Gabe becomes infuriated by the idea of his mother being imprisoned for something she didn’t do. The whole town turns out for the game, and one of the new children becomes a hero after Elizabeth encourages him to overcome his fear. Ray Wyatt promises Elizabeth that the railroad will help the underfunded school, but she ultimately finds her teaching position in jeopardy. The debate surrounding the railroad’s plan to route through Hope Valley reaches a boiling point, and Abigail as mayor must break the town’s tie vote on the matter. Three Queens, Two Tigers 6. Elizabeth and Jack return from Hamilton at odds with each other. Abigail looks to Pastor Frank for guidance and finds the spark of something new with him, even as his past remains a mystery. A heroic act by Jack brings him closer to Rosemary.

Abigail takes in Carla Noonan, a pregnant widow, to keep an eye on her health while Coal Valley’s doctor is away. Frank Hogan’s suspicions about Carson’s past prompt the newcomer to share his big secret. Jack’s dog Rip gets lost during storm, and they set out to find him before taking shelter in an old mine tunnel. Rosemary broke up with him long ago to become an actress. Elizabeth and Jack both receive telegrams about an automobile accident involving Tom and Julie. Elsewhere, Abigail attempts to forgive Bill; and Lee asks Rosemary to assist in the battle against Gowen. Strohm’s orders, while Elizabeth tries to convince his sister-in-law that his Carson was not responsible for his wife’s death.

She’s determined to discover the source of when calls the heart series 2 episode 1 anger so she can help them but gets no help from their uncle, Ray Wyatt. After Jack’s departure from Coal Valley, Abigail learns her husband might be at fault for the mine disaster. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3. In the second-season opener, Jack and Elizabeth’s devotion intensifies as he gains insight into her upper-crust upbringing.

Hope Valley’s prosperity from the railroad begins when the mill gets a big contract and Lee Coulter expands his workforce to meet the demand. Retrieved April 17, Unsettling news arrives from Hamilton, and it may fracture Jack and Elizabeth’s bond.

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Heaet April 10, Abigail leaves town to testify on behalf of Henry while Bill joins her to testify against him. Retrieved April 24, Bill is asked to head the railroad security team. When all the widows in Coal Valley receive eviction notices from the Coal Company to make way for new miner recruits, Elizabeth hatches a plan to keep the widows from moving out of the only town they know.

A Quiet Place 3. Later, a surprising arrest is made and a proposal takes place.

Elsewhere, Gowen’s latest unscrupulous plot involves Abigail’s eatery. Retrieved October 9, Jack accidentally insults Elizabeth as he fumbles to confess his feelings for her. Super Troopers 2 5. Elizabeth and Jack return to Hope Valley on fragile terms.

Then, Bill Avery returns to Hope Valley and begins evading Jack’s questioning about a gang of counterfeiting criminals in the region. Abigail finalizes a deal with Ray Wyatt to bring the railroad to Hope Valley, and new families flock to when calls the heart series 2 episode 1 town with the promise of work.

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22 Avery arrives in Hope Valley in pursuit of the counterfeiters. Bill’s plan to bring A. Concerned for Jack, both Elizabeth and Charlotte come to understand each other through the crisis. Back in Hamilton, Elizabeth feels the pressure from her parents and her newly engaged sister Viola to make when calls the heart series 2 episode 1 decision about Charles and Jack, wondering if her adventure on the frontier prevented her from finding happiness and true love.

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Bill Avery continues his off books investigation into the counterfeiting ring. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Jack fail to find common ground. Nora’s history with her surprising informant complicates her feelings. Elizabeth attempts to trust Jack when she learns Faith is staying in Hope Valley for good, even as Jack sneaks around to negotiate a big purchase as he seriees of a future with her. With nearly the entire town’s heqrt, especially the children, and Abigail at her side, she travels to Cape Fullerton in hopes of resolving the false allegations.

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Elizabeth and Jack must return to Hamilton to help in the situation. Season 2, Episode 5 May 30, Abigail goes to Hamilton in search of her daughter in-law, Clara.

Rosemary worries about her new marriage, since Lee is working so many hours. Developed by Michael Landon Jr.

Clara thinks it may be time for a break from Jesse but becomes jealous when she sees Jesse spending time with Julie.