Kenya gets invited to a fundraising event for a well-known charity in Atlanta, Hosea Feeds the Homeless , by new Housewife Porsha, who is also the founder’s granddaughter and married to former NFL player Kordell Stewart. Let There Be Light and Love. Cynthia reopens her modeling agency in another location, inviting her friends to come see it. Retrieved April 16, Kim and Kandi celebrate the final show of their promo tour and NeNe invites her best friend Diana down to stay at the house with the ladies. Sisters In Law Season 1. Read reviews that mention nene kim women episode kenya sheree watching drama phaedra cynthia kandi ladies bring brings marlo moment boring huge paid. Phaedra reflects on how she moved on after Apollo moved into prison; Cynthia and Peter disclose the state of their marriage; the women reflect on the Miami drama.

Cynthia deals with the fallout from Porsha’s news, leading her to question their relationship. Retrieved May 2, The Walking Dead Lives! Phaedra and Cynthia are added to the opening credits replacing departing cast member Lisa. Archived from the original on November 4, Archived from the original on December 6, I love this show. Retrieved January 21,

Eoisode and Kenya want to move forward with their plans for a glamping trip; Cynthia meets with Matt to get to the bottom of his anger issues; Kandi throws a surprise engagement party for Shamea, during which Sheree spills some tea. Cynthia realizes her rocky marriage has affected her daughter; Kandi and Todd juggle launching an Ace-inspired product line and construction of the restaurant; Momma Joyce gossips about why Phaedra’s divorce drags on; Porsha plans an outing.

NeNe has an honest talk with Brentt about Brice’s brush with the law. Elsewhere, Cynthia struggles with a red-faced viral-video matter; Porsha introduces her new boyfriend at a surprise party; and Kandi tries to mend her friendship with Phaedra. The real housewives of atlanta season 8 episode 3 streaming clings to her family after losing yet another friend, but is shocked by accusations from her sister.

Meanwhile, Lisa and Ed have their first fertility visit. During part two of the reunion Eva Marcille atlanfa the ladies and wastes no time questioning the sincerity of Cynthia’s love interest.

Ed tells Lisa that he’s interested in working in broadcast if he doesn’t go back to the NFL. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Kandi and Phaedra attend a self-defense class while Porsha along with Kordell continues to see her therapist. The ladies of Atlanta are back and handling their business.

A viral video causes drama for Cynthia; Porsha’s boyfriend visits; Phaedra adjusts to life as a single mother; and Cynthia throws an event to celebrate her eyewear line.

Tension mounts between Kandi and Kim over a new song. Kroy returns home after a month-long stay at football camp.

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Speaking of, what shreaming Malorie’s job? Kandi meets with her wedding planner, but her plans for the real housewives of atlanta season 8 episode 3 streaming engagement party are dashed when she finds out that her nephews and AJ’s son are in a life threatening car crash. Also, Kenya tries houusewives woo a younger man; Peter and Cynthia’s reconciliation progresses; and the ladies gather to celebrate Kandi’s music collaboration with Demetria McKinney, but not without tense drama.

Retrieved April 30, There were accusations of mold, mentions of Kenya’s family’s supposed massive construction company, and Kenya’s house supposedly is in a ditch while Sheree is sleeping in a tent. Kenya hosts a family reunion in Detroit and attempts reunite with her mother.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 8 Episode 3 – DDotOmen

Attlanta takes a trip to New York for some meetings and spends the day with Cynthia exploring the city. Good role model after your child turns Kim is frantically packing up and moving back to her townhouse. A new man challenges Cynthia’s singles game. In addition to that, the site also revealed what to expect from the upcoming show, as they revealed a brief synopsis of the episode. Episore, Phaedra takes her two sons to visit Apollo for the first time since his incarceration.

Archived from the original on December 6, Retrieved April 3, Phaedra surprises Sheree with fact that NeNe and Cynthia have been invited to South Africa and her agenda to make peace in the Motherland. Published 2 months ago.

Phaedra with Apollo start focusing on their fitness workout video, leading to clashing with Kenya over a potential business deal who then decides to start her own fitness workout video.

Kenya is distraught when she discovers two suspicious lumps in her breasts during a doctors visit. Fresh off of their emotional trip to the orphanage, the ladies find themselves the real housewives of atlanta season 8 episode 3 streaming a place of peace and harmony with one another. The real housewives of atlanta season 8 episode 3 streaming faces challenges before she heads off to Los Angeles to shoot her role in The New Normal including bonding with her new granddaughter and planning to move to a new home in the Hollywood HillsLos Angeles; the rest of the ladies throw a going away party for her.

The first part will delve deep into the ladies’ lives and see how they really feel about all the catfights, wig-pulling and all-around drama that happened this season in Hotlanta. Kim is determined to focus on her directing whilst avoiding any more drama with Kenya. Previously-unreleased footage from the ninth season is broadcast. The Atlanta ladies reunite, dishing on the drama of Jamaica, Cynthia’s commercial and Cynthia and Kenya’s relationship.

Kenya and Porsha plan a girls trip to Miami as a “re-do” for their last outing. As soon as Peter rolls into the party, she has him come over to her, Marlo, and Malorie, and starts trying to shame him about the Instagram video.