TV by the Numbers. Retrieved February 14, Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved from ” https: Ed tells Lisa that he’s interested in working in broadcast if he doesn’t go back to the NFL. All in a Day’s Twerk”. Kandi settles into her new life with Todd, as she and Phaedra bond with Kenya. Retrieved March 18,

In part 2 of the reunion special the ladies discuss future of NeNe and Kim’s friendship, if Sheree and Kim can bury the hatchet and if Lisa and Ed will have any more kids. Retrieved October 16, NeNe flies back to Atlanta to spend time with her grandchild. Fresh off of their emotional trip to the orphanage, the ladies find themselves in a place of peace and harmony with one another. Porsha’s allegations are transferred by Kandi while Porsha spills subtle elements to her sister; Kenya gets an unexpected visit; Kandi and Todd arrange a couples’ getaway to Maui; Porsha gets a day of beauty treatments; Sheree tries to lay everything out in the open, yet her endeavors blowback. Orange County Episodes Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Kandi records her first gospel single with Marvin Sapp , and her father stops by the studio to thank her for acknowledging her holy roots.

Kandi is added to the opening credits replacing departing cast member Deshawn. The men weigh in on the drama of the season; Cynthia and Peter reveal what life has been like after their divorce; Shamea confronts her best friend, Porsha; the conversation turns to issues surrounding “Lesbiangate.

Retrieved April 21, NeNe is in New York City for a press tour in order to promote her sitcom. Kim is frantically packing up and moving back to her townhouse. NeNe meets the real housewives of atlanta episode 6 season 21 her business partner, Famous Famiglia Pizza’s co-owner, John Kolaj, who seems interested in having much more than a business relationship with her. Porsha rents a yacht for all the tje to enjoy a day out on the water.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 6. Cynthia learns that her daughter Noelle has begun dating while recuperating after her fibroid surgery. The Housewives’ hairstylists tell all in an hour-long special. Retrieved April 10, Phaedra struggles seasln being both a lawyer and a new mom, while Sheree sends her kids off for a visit with their dad. Lists of reality television series episodes The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Retrieved April 2, At a later “Bailey Bowl” fitness event she arranged, NeNe severs connections with her friend Marlo Hampton in light of her new-found friendship with Kenya.

After a tearful goodbye with her girls, Kim is confident she’s going to kill housewuves on Kandi’s promo tour. Kroy brings an apprehensive Kim to the gun range to buy her first firearm, and later they visit Kim’s long-time psychic, Rose, who foresees a startling prediction for their future.

Retrieved March 29, Retrieved February 13, the real housewives of atlanta episode 6 season 21 Retrieved November 18, Back on the East Coast, Kim visits Episodw in the episoce studio.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 7

Kenya makes a surprise visit to Chateau Sheree and is astonished by what she discovers. Sheree must decide on a life with or without Bob; Cynthia comes to terms with the end of her marriage; Kenya and Phaedra’s newfound friendship is tested when Kenya hosts a divorce party. After blowing off some steam at a Cape Town nightclub, the women travel to the luxurious Shamwari game reserve.

Retrieved February 3, Despite the toll her marital problems and troubles with Bryson are taking on NeNe, she is determined to get her “happy” back, even if that’s through plastic surgery.

Retrieved December 13, Meanwhile, Kandi, AJ and Kandi’s mom visit a marriage counselor to help ease the tension. TV By the Numbers.

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rdal Kim has her breasts redone and announces she and Kroy are getting serious. Porsha gathers with Cynthia and Kandi at her home bringing talks over having children and marriage proposals. Kim is stressed episodde to her surprise eviction. Retrieved May 16, Cynthia ventures on a business deal over having a pageant division in her agency including hosting her first one.

Todd and Phaedra meet in her office to discuss a financial issue.

The ladies think that Cynthia’s priorities are a bit off, but Cynthia has a plan to smooth things over with NeNe with a seasoon contract. Tension lingers from NeNe and Peter’s blow-up phone fight. Cynthia may have to bail her husband out, even though she promised not to invest in the bar.

The following day, the housewives gather for a spa outing, although NeNe and Kenya engage in an intense argument over the happenings of the evening.

Mama Joyce shares her current feelings on Kandi and Todd’s relationship, while Cynthia and NeNe discuss their strained friendship. Phaedra focusing on looking to the future by throwing an extravagant holiday party. Meanwhile, Kim wants the girls to wear no makeup at a brunch. Retrieved December 20, Kandi gets comfortable in her new home.

Kenya hosts a family reunion in Detroit and attempts reunite with her mother. Mother definitely knows best when The real housewives of atlanta episode 6 season 21 and daughter Tierra go furniture shopping, and Phaedra, fresh out of the maternity ward, is in full protective mommy-mode and confronts Kim about all the bad-mouthing she has been doing about her due date. This page was last edited on 18 Sessonat Nene opens some wedding gifts.

Retrieved January 24, The women discuss the aftermath of the “Lesbiangate” drama; cameras capture behind-the-scenes moments, tears and tense conversations as the women try to recover from a painful realization to see if there is any chance of moving forward. Kim tries another get-skinny-quick ztlanta as Kandi suffers through a boot camp workout to eeal pounds before her trip to Africa.