You are commenting using your Facebook account. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! At that point the map finally reveals itself to Emma, which contains directions to a spot where Pan has placed Henry. Meanwhile, Rumplestiltskin summons up his own shadow in an effort to bury his dagger so no one else would find it, including him. Back with the save Henry brigade, and the parchment has lead them to Pan — or so they think. Hours later, Snow calls out Rumplestilskin to ask him about Excalibur, and is willing to make a deal. You are commenting using your WordPress. But you guys go on ahead.

Meeting with Rogers and Henry, Roni reported that she overheard a tipsy building commissioner boast of reaping a sweet payday via Victoria Belfrey, to be secured at an imminent meet-up. Though once she amasses some signatures, Victoria offers her a deal: While hacking away through the jungle, Hook stops David from slashing into a very poisonous plant known as Dreamshade. However, the doll returns to Rumple and even his powers can’t destroy it, so Rumple decides to place it in his pocket. This page was last edited on 30 June , at To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Regina in this outfit nearly made me swallow my tongue. She encourages him to let go of the past, handing him the doll.

Forward to Neverland again, where Rumple is holding that straw doll. The episode faired successfully in ratings, achieving 8.

This site uses cookies. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He gives her a map — a map that only she can activate, simply by remembering who she really is. It simply shows up again on the path, a few steps later. All she can hear are the sounds of the Lost Boys, crying for home. Let’s hope it takes an adventurous turn next week.

It’s a necessary step along any hero’s journey. Snow encourages her to try rscap.

Emma mentions wax mustaches and perms with her trademark smirk as Hook lets the reference sail right over his head. He takes her mother’s necklace as payment for wasting his time.

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Email Address never made public. She offers Snow a deal: Retrieved from ” https: Or, in Emma’s case, the part where she The episode also ranked as the top-rated entertainment program in its hour with key women, and was the most social broadcast telecast of the evening.

Once Upon a Time episode. She starts to torture and kill a young girl as a show of strength, but stops short of her goal. Gwen Ihnat of The A. Into this scene strolls Regina in yet another season 3 episode 2 once upon a time recap dress. And even if she doesthe crone notes, Tremaine will still have her to deal with. While searching for Henry, the quintet of Emma SwanHook, Mary Margaret, David, and Regina find themselves exhausted from hiking in the island, especially now that the island has changed a lot since Hook left.

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Emma smooths her over, and they all start prepping, leaving reap alone with Hook. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. But later that night, Emma hears something and investigates, and to her surprise discovers Peter Pan, who is anxious to meet the “Savior.

Oh, I love passive-aggressive Grumpy. During the battle, David gets nicked by an arrow that he deflects from Snow.

He points out that the sword was a prop to help her remember that everything she needed is inside her — including the power to wound Regina. Once Upon a Time episodes. As Rumplestiltskin appears, he tells her the sword is a fake—the real sword is still in Camelot—and it was Charming’s idea to have her run aeason the sword in the stone routine.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 3, Episode 2 ‘Lost Girl’: TV Recap

Over to Rumple now, who hears a rustling in the jungle. Forward to Neverland, where Emma is sitting in frustration, trying to figure out the damn map without any success.

However, the doll returns to Rumple and even his powers can’t destroy it, so Rumple decides to place it in his pocket.

In a review ohce Entertainment WeeklyHillary Busis quotes, “Uh oh, dearies — we’ve reached the part in our story when everyone is being afflicted by crippling self-doubt.

He reassures her that Henry is alive and even offers to help her find him. Notify me of new posts via email.