TV Fanatic gave the episode 4. When the Snow Queen threatens Gold not to hurt Emma, he uses magical dust made from the urn’s remnants to temporarily trap the Snow Queen within her palace, to keep her from intervening. Retrieved May 4, Retrieved March 31, I bet they’d say “protection spells don’t work under glamors” or someth Retrieved May 19, Retrieved 1 October Retrieved March 23,

Fifty Shades of Grey. Gold’s possession is explained in “Smash the Mirror”. In anger, Ingrid freezes Anna, Kristoff, and all of Arendelle. Archived from the original on October 9, It’s always a little bit of a joy to depart Storybrooke for a while for the costumes, if nothing else, and one reason the Enchanted Forest jaunts should be kept in for the change of pace they offer. Granny ‘s recollection of Elsa creating the snow monster and the creature attacking Marian are events from “A Tale of Two Sisters”. Regina gives Mary and David a locator potion from her vault, but they quickly drop their plan to stop Emma, believing that it might be better if Emma became “normal.

It causes eye-rolling any time she says it. Retrieved October 25, Retrieved October 6, TV by the Numbers.

The character would be Anna’s and Elsa’s aunt, Ingrid. Guardians of the Galaxy.

Retrieved 1 October Anna arrives and teaches David a valuable lesson about surviving versus living. Elsa and Hook are able to trace it back to timr Snow Queen in the forest, but as Hook tries to contact Emma with a cellphone, and later by person, the Snow Queen traps Hook’s legs in ice, and when she tries to kill Hook with sharp icicles, she tells Elsa that she neutralized her powers, to keep her from interfering. Archived from the original on October 23, Once Upon A Time 4.

Retrieved November 18, Once Upon a Time succeeded and faltered in the same area over the course of 22 episodes, and it was a continuation of an issue once upon a time season 4 episode 3 cast had in Season 3: The North Field News.

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Sign In Don’t have an account? One of the show’s real strengths in this season and past ones is continuing to explore classic fairy tale topics such as good vs. List of Once Upon a Time episodes. Ursula, Maleficent and Cruella de Vil Meet. Blacklist, Revenge ‘Reset’ and More”.

“Rocky Road”

Archived from the original on July 19, Retrieved November 24, Without rehashing every single scene, let’s discuss the high and low points of the season.

Elsa ince why their parents left for the Enchanted Once upon a time season 4 episode 3 cast, and makes peace with it, and she sends Anna back into the prison to set up tie trap for Ingrid.

Fifty Shades of Grey. This is the template they should use going forward as the heroes search for the Sorcerer.

In Arendelle’s past, Ingrid uncovers the sisters’ plot, and plans to turn Elsa against Anna, only for a cursed Anna to place Elsa in the urn. Retrieved November 6, International Business Times AU.

She wears all of Regina’s sides with confidence and onnce shown off great comedic timing. Elsa has literally frozen Storybrooke, and hopes to find her sister, Anna Elizabeth Lail.

Once Upon A Time

Emma, still upset upon learning the truth from her parents, searches for the Author, who is later found by Gold. New characters introduced to the series include the main antagonists for the two volumes, the Snow Queenand the Queens of Darkness a once upon a time season 4 episode 3 cast of villains including returning character Maleficentand new characters Cruella de Vil and Ursula.

It is the sixty-ninth episode of the series overall, and premiered on October 12, Gold obtains the information, he tells that he will have “great pleasure” in obtaining the final ingredient. Henry csat Regina track down the author of the Once Upon a Time book, and Hook believes Gold is still in possession of the real Dagger.

Gold’s possession is explained in “Smash the Mirror”. There, in order to undo Isaac’s work, Henry has to convince a “Snow White” version of Regina to stop Robin Hood from marrying Zelena, while trying to rescue Emma, who is held captive in the tower by an “Evil Queen” version of Snow White.

Retrieved October 9, Gold that Elsa was trapped inside an urn he stored in his vault. Retrieved July 1, Elsa goes through a portal in the mines of Storybrooke, where she eventually finds Anna and Kristoff on a beach. Besides Emma, Regina and Rumplestiltskin got the most development.

Retrieved July 8,