Retrieved April 14, Retrieved November 5, Gilmore Michael Socha Robert Carlyle. Best Laid Plans Retrieved November 4, Retrieved May 26, Retrieved September 29, Faustino Di Bauda as Sleep.

One Little Tear Jillian Fargey as The Fairy Godmother. When Maleficent reveals that they’re after Pinocchio and wants Regina to kidnap him, the plans take a different turn after Regina succeeds. Retrieved December 9, Retrieved March 31, There, in order to undo Isaac’s work, Henry has to convince a “Snow White” version of Regina to stop Robin Hood from marrying Zelena, while trying to rescue Emma, who is held captive in the tower by an “Evil Queen” version of Snow White.

She’s holding herself back due to fear of commitment with Hook. Rogers makes a deal with Gothel, still believing her to be Eloise.

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Gold respectively, [7] [17] while Morrison’s character was confirmed to take on the moniker “Dark Swan”. Archived from the original on August 27, Beverley Elliott as Granny. Meanwhile, Regina sends Zelena back to Oz, after Zelena attempted to get sole custody of her daughter. The Garden of Forking Paths 4.

By using uponn site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Welcome to Storybrooke Unfortunately, when they arrive, Zelena discovers that Hades is behind the plot and that her magic is too weak to protect her child, while Belle learns the truth from Gold about his reclaiming his powers and her pregnancy, as well as the contract now with Hades.

In the past, Drizella tries to join the Coven. David Anders as Dr. Retrieved November 5, What Happened to Frederick Back in the Enchanted Forest, Episose feelings about his father abandoning him as a young boy lead to Hook killing him when Regina recruits him to kill Cora.

Retrieved November 23, The heroes realize they could potentially rescue all the souls here and continue their quest to find Hook with this in mind. Retrieved November 10, Retrieved November 3, Retrieved December 4, Retrieved May 26, Retrieved October 14, At the same time Emma offers Zelena a deal while the residents discovers Arthur’s deception, as well as discovering a message from Merlin with help from Henry.

Weaver is willing to betray Regina’s trust to regain his stolen Dagger. Meegan Warner as Rapunzel. Selfless, Brave and True Retrieved November 18, Rose Reynolds as Alice. But yes we’re considering the th! This page was last edited seazon 1 Julyat Archived from the once upon a time season 1 episode 17 english subtitles on July 16, In flashbacks, it’s revealed that King Fergus had gone to the wood-carving witch in the woods, asking for something that would ensure the longevity of his kingdom.

Daniel Jeffrey as Carl. Once Upon a Time has officially closed the book on its final chapter, and it should come as no surprise that there were happy endings all around. Arthur stays in the Underworld as he was meant to repair a broken kingdom.

Once Upon A Time

Barbara Hershey set to return in th episode”. Hyde, who promises him information on how to wake Belle in exchange for Storybrooke. Child of the Moon 8. Henry uses the ink to undo everything that Isaac did, and the timeline is restored with everybody returning to Storybrooke. Retrieved April 27, Will tries to steal a book that subtktles someone from his past and gets caught.

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List of Once Upon a Time episodes. Once Upon a Time.

It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show. Retrieved October 11, Retrieved July 10, She works through the fear and attempts to meld Excalibur, but Hook falls to the floor. When Hook senses a storm brewing, he, Emma, Snow, and Regina go to the woods, where Emma uses her magic to take out the creature borne from subfitles storm.