Ok Jung turns white as a ghost, her nervousness evident. OJ prepares gifts for the Chinese female nobility and invites them for tea. She is dreaming that the King has rushed to visit In Hyun, replaying the exact scene where Ok Jung herself stopped the King from spending the night with the Queen. OJ wonders what came over her and her court lady assures her she her position is not in danger and begs her not to think of anything else. OJ spots a pretty palace maid and gets jumpy again. LS is furious that the ministers are still protesting and DP mentions it is not an easy decision to dispose a queen. She orders the screen to be moved aside and lo and behold — she is the very vision of glorious motherhood, cradling Yoonie in her arms. LS pays IH a calculated visit.

Jang Ok Jong is in the middle of a nightmare. But never fear, Prince D arrives to ask his majesty to tone down the anger. From In Hyun telling Ok Jung what comes around goes around to OK Jung acting exactly like her predecessors, all full of jealousy and anxiety, viewers were left with the impression that these women are left in an unbreakable circle of treachery. Prince D tries to comfort Ok Jung and instinctually via his unrequited love for the woman holds out his hand to stroke her cheek. The bodyguard implores DP to stop all interactions with OJ. In Hyun alludes to her future return, as seen in the vision of the shaman. She asks JH to find out who is behind her death and he agrees, gritted teeth and all.

IH once said he will never have children, no matter how hard he tried. Her maids are openly sobbing at her dismissal.

He is chasing out the epiaode queen that his late mother fought so hard to protect.

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LS is watching their encounter silently from afar. Prince D tries to act like the suggestion is malarkey but it is clear that the message is received. Her brother looks at her, worried at her sudden paranoia. What is Master Jin going to say!

LS, DP and the officials watch the whole scene unfurl in horrendous shock. Notify me of new comments via email. Jang Ok Jong is in the middle of a nightmare. But I cannot because she is starting to act in a way that puts her earlier sense and kindness to shame.

She wakes up with a start and announces that she is jang ok jung live for love episode 19 to go see the King, middle of the night or not. Minister Min says it will like killing him if an official case is presented to dispose the queen.

She proposes a solution; she will be deposed and her father will live.

The Queen is resigned in her demeanor, tears quietly streaming. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Why the claws mang of a sudden? The deposed Queen explains that this is the perfect place to stage a comeback, a constant reminder of what could be hers again. LS insists that he has to do that in order for Yoon to seamlessly inherit the throne.

Full bitchy mode here. I thought it could have not been better but this one has some progresses where all the characters move toward their fates. Finally Master Jin mentions that he met a former palace maid with an interesting story. The ministers are slightly unsettled by the sight. I need a drink. IH gives a bittersweet laugh: He hits the roof and sweeps everything jang ok jung live for love episode 19 the table in anger.

There he learns that the woman has a big secret, a really big secret. Delighted she arrives at jnag room to find that there is an unexpected visitor. He asked them to mull over his offer and dismisses them. HJ and lackey are strolling the markets when they chance upon the maid that helped poisoned the food the last time. Learn how your jjung data is processed. CS is at the gisaeng house and he finds out why HJ is after the palace maid. He really, really jang ok jung live for love episode 19 his son.

Khaleesi on party pal.

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The ministers argue saying it is not proper protocol to do so, and OJ comments that she was never one to adhere to protocol. The King announces that this man has gifted her a palanquin.

No matter the state of their relationship or what has transpired between them, this scene was rightfully touching. About Faith Translations Reviews. Only this time Ok Jung is playing the unloved third wheel. Ok Jung immediately goes to see the Janh.

Does he have to say more? With that In Hyun enters the palanquin. The priestess sees her off.

We return to the Main Hall and the scene that ended Episode The king asking the retainers to dethrone the Queen. Ok Jung meets with the retainers while holding the crown prince.