Why is he doing this? We’re working hard to improve the ad experience on our site, but in the mean time, we’d really appreciate it if you added us to the approved list in your ad blocker. Frank is getting ready to fuck Meechum. Considering that she was almost blasted into oblivion, Claire’s no one’s favorite right now. There’s a naval standoff between China and Japan and the US 7th fleet is in a state of readiness off Guam. When that term was used in the Redford and Hoffman version of the Woodward and Bernstein story, the audience knew the stakes involved in what was happening.

House of Cards is a show about soulless people that, in season one, managed to give us a character with an actual soul: Instead, he drives over to her apartment, only to find she’s having it off with Lisa from her Christian fellowship. Maybe some people just get old and become horny for literally anyone but their spouse. But the president, unlike Frank, hasn’t redacted his log, excising the compromising bits. Even now they’re circling the impossibly cute sounding island of Yonaguni which President Walker makes sound even cuter by pronouncing it Yoonie Goonie during his meeting with the chiefs of staff. More importantly, now Claire’s bill on sexual assaults in the military is poised for its first reading, it will have to do without being co-sponsored by Jackie Sharp, Frank’s successor as majority whip. Decider Get the Newsletter. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

Even now they’re circling the impossibly cute sounding island of Yonaguni which President Walker makes sound even cuter by pronouncing it Yoonie Goonie during his meeting with the chiefs of staff.

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We understood exactly what Woodward and Bernstein were digging into, and that a government cover-up like the one they were investigating could actually happen, because it already had. Please do not leave spoilers for future episodes if you have seen further ahead. The hoodie with a beef against Claire storyline wasn’t acrds only house of cards season 2 episode 23 recap in this episode that left me feeling that the makers had taken acrds of a big consignment of daft and were offloading it on us as fast as possible before they got arrested for crimes against TV.

Except of course for this guy. But we could see that there was still seasson potential for purity — or at least purity to the extent that it can exist in politics — in the guy.

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There are more pressing matters anyway. He deleted Rachel from his phone contacts, as if resolving that he should move on, instead of obsessing over the woman whom he told his AA meeting was like a epiisode to him. Did you know that not one but three separate guinea pigs play the role of rodent hacker Cashew? An international crisis is brewing as the Chinese have deployed destroyers near Yonaguni Island, the hokse point of Japan’s territory, near Taiwan.

‘House of Cards’ Recap: “Chapter 23”

He turned out to be house of cards season 2 episode 23 recap ex-marine with a grudge against Claire. Latest News from Vulture Frank then receives a bomb threat from an ex-Marine who also claims responsibility for the Capitol incident, and apparently Claire was the intended target so Frank requests that Edward Meechum be her bodyguard.

Not only has Frank been enjoying porn on his laptop, but now Claire and Refap have got special agent Meechum drunk and embroiled him in my favourite off of Epksode sex, namely The Unwittingly Hilarious Threesome. Decider What to Watch Find: Frank then starts siding with Grayson over Doug on house of cards season 2 episode 23 recap since it appears the latter is distracted all of the time because of Rachel. With a military stand-off overseas and potential violence at home, Frank wants to finish off Tusk for good.

A superhero who is the very first of her kind could be headed to theaters. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

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And let’s not forget us, the viewers. After all that conversation about the perceived intimacy between Walker and Christina, the president mentioned in passing in this episode that he let Christina go after Linda tendered her resignation.

Beijing’s aim is to open a bizarre new front in the trade war cardd China and America.

Jackie, however, refuses to cosponsor it, claiming that civilian oversight is one step hkuse far. And true, it was Remy who has tried to implicate Frank and Stamper in the casino laundering scam by sending the special prosecutor security footage showing Stamper where he shouldn’t be, house of cards season 2 episode 23 recap in that casino through which so much dirty money, most of it Chinese, has been laundered.

The resulting investigation reflects badly on Walkerhouae he eventually follows Frank ‘s advice to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the story and to clear the White House of any involvement.

On the other hand, Gavin Orsay reappeared in this episode, stroking Cashew, the guinea pig equivalent of Dr. Frank might be evil, but at least he’s effective.

Instead, he somehow became convinced that Frank was episde the nicest guy ever and decided not to even bother fighting the completely false allegations against him. The effect is the same. While this tactic has undeniably created more compelling television as a whole not only on Netflix, but Amazon as wellit can sometimes throw house of cards season 2 episode 23 recap the pacing of an otherwise great show. Was he corruptible and did he get corrupted?

The Potus may well not be the only casualty. As if all this weren’t chilling enough, the Wall Street Telegraph has found that Chinese gamblers are visiting Daniel Lanigan’s Kansas City casino and their money is being laundered for political expenditure. Show House of Cards.

She has become recqp far more interesting character than Frank to such a degree that I really hope season three makes her the protagonist instead of her husband.

The only person on House of Cards who might be qualified to actually serve as president, at least based on both ethics and common sense, is Linda Vasquez. Frank is getting ready to fuck Meechum.