Vanessa let evil get the best of her. The next day at the Waldorf’s, Blair invites Martha over. When Vanessa gets back, she says she found nothing incriminating and they can go. Game on, Charles 5. He uses the opportunity to ask her out but she rejects him. Blair encourages her to talk with her professor and try to figure it out, and says that she is headed to the registrar to sign up for a Psychology of Business class taught by Martha Chamberlain. Blair warns him not to, saying that would result in mutual destruction. She goes over and asks him not to get tested because he’ll be confirming the rumor.

Juliet frames Vanessa into taking the fall for an email that nearly gets Serena expelled. She goes over to talk to her, and Serena acts suspicious of her. Oct 11, go Amazon. Before she can ask, Serena is offended by something she says and they stop talking. Vanessa becomes worried that Dan and Serena may have slept together and turns to Juliet to help her get answers. She spots Vanessa and hangs up. She overhears and decides to quit.

Serena wonders how Blair is staying sane despite Chuck declaring war, and Blair replies that the more she stays on campus the less likely she is to run into him. It looks like Chuck is calling in the one person who really might be able to ruin Blair forever.

He reminds her that he’s going to take away gossip girl season 4 episode 5 one tv she cares about most as revenge and that will be Columbia. It turns out it firl a threesome until the nanny turned it into a twosome.

Blair was determined not to let that happen. Serena tells Blair that Vanessa started the rumor and Peisode helped her figure it out.

‘Gossip Girl,’ Season 4, Episode 5, ‘Goodbye Columbia’: TV Recap

She admits she’s over doing Blair’s dirty work and wants to take her down herself. While she’s gone, she sends an email from the phone.

The result of all this madness? Leave it to Serena van der Woodsen to make eek chic. October 11, Blair enrolls in a class taught by a savvy businesswoman and tries to become her assistant, but another student sabotages this plan.

While Serena is on the verge of getting expelled Juliet blames the fossip thing on Vanessa. It was fun to see Chuck and Blair fighting it out again, but this seems small for them. Blake Lively Serena van der Woodsen.

“Gossip Girl” Goodbye, Columbia (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Ttv the rest of the group have other problems. Vanessa witnesses the conversation and confronts Juliet. Here is what happened:. Abuse of the TV. Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions. Meanwhile at Columbia, Vanessa finds Serena to ask her if she slept with Dan.

One of her newest objects of admiration was a businesswoman named Martha Chamberlin, a guest lecturer at the school. Guest Cast Sam Page Colin.

He promises again to get in the way of anything she wants, and then alludes to maybe revealing the real reason she banished Jenny. He reminds her that they planned to ruin Serena’s life and leave her with nothing the same way she did to him, and that the next step is removing her from Columbia.

At The Empire, Episkde has just finished telling Nate the same thing and he invites him to go with him and Juliet to a mixer at Hamilton House. The episode gossip girl season 4 episode 5 one tv with Serena trying to hail a cab to make it to class. Unfortunately Vanessa is the one who gets hurt. She tells him that Serena is isolated from Dan and Nate, and Blair will soon be too.

She gissip, and finds an email from Dan that afternoon; saying that he’s willing to do whatever to make things work with Vanessa despite they’re only kissing that night.

Vanessa let evil get the best gossip girl season 4 episode 5 one tv her. Games Movies TV Wikis. Martha’s ex is in them. September 19, Rating: Leighton Meester Blair Waldorf. Outside, Serena sees the same man put another woman in a taxi she needs.

Meanwhile, Blair goes to bring Martha to the lawyer. Super Troopers 2 5. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. At school, Blair and her minions go to the registrar to register but find there’s a line. I have her prenup.

Ed Westwick Chuck Bass. The fun has only just begun though. A tax fraud setup? Before she can ask, Serena is offended by something she says and they stop talking.

Blair warns him not to, saying that would result in mutual destruction.

Gossip Girl

Blair, ever the intelligent person, told Serena to set up a meeting and remedy the situation before her standing in the class suffered. Little J is coming back! At the party, Serena tells Blair that she missed her meeting but are meeting at the party. On her way to tell Serena, Vanessa is stopped by Juliet, who begs her not to tell as she slips the phone into her bag.

While Juliet is having a blast seaso Serena it looks like she has fallen for Nate Archibald.