He uses dancing as an “unfair” advantage to get girls. Amanda tells Emily that if she wants to be trusted, she needs to break up with Hunter after the dance battle. Emily, Amanda, Riley, Thalia and Hunter vote for Hunter to be the soloist meaning Eldon gets to keep his solo but then Michelle raises her hand leaving Hunter with 6 votes, meaning he is the new soloist angering Eldon to an extent. Amanda and Lucien move Emily up to the front row of their routine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In an attempt to prevent future arguments, Skylar and Cierra make a pact. Hunter sees the task of James breaking up with Beth as an opportunity for him and James to become bros.

Emily decides to hide them in the garbage so she can quickly bring them back. Meanwhile it is an open mic night at Culture Shock and Thalia performs a funny stand-up comedy act. One of the dancer’s sister, Becca, is there to audition and J-Troupe feels she is threatening their team. The Next Step advance to the next stage of Nationals. Riley jumps into James’ arms and hugs her and he spins her around in his arms and they kiss on stage in front of everybody including Beth. Season 5, Episode 16 October 28,

The Next Step – Behind the Scenes: Season 3 Episode 16 – Video Dailymotion

Michelle ultimately decides to return at the studio. Not wanting Emily to hurt herself, Stephanie tells Riley that Emily is unable to dance. At the end they are warming up on the stage and Lucien walks on and claims that he is a judge.

Eldon comforts Emily and after they talk a little, they share a kiss. Emily and Stephanie struggle with Michelle as the new dance captain. Noah finally conffeses gamily Riley that his back is injured tge plans a trip to the hospital to have epiwode back checked. He is shocked family channel the next step season 3 episode 16 find out that he will have to compete against Riley for a place at Internationals.

James says ‘Who is this girl? The team is now ready to take on Elite. Eldon tries to prove to the A-Troupe dancers that he and Emily are serious.

Noah tries to find an excuse to back out of a duet with Richelle, and do it with Jacquie instead. Until West starts dancing in front of James, James starts dancing in response meaning West has won his respect. Riley asks James for an impossible favour for the studio. Emily is still suffering because of what Amanda did. Later on, Michelle tells Tess to leave Episodf alone since she’s happy at the Next Step and doesn’t want to go family channel the next step season 3 episode 16 to Elite.

Chris and Kate walk in and inform them that since they all worked so hard they should have a fun night where they hang out as friends, not team mates. Meanwhile Eldon and West are chased across London by an angry policeman or, as Eldon calls him, a “busking-busting-bobby” and Piper tries to cultivate friendship between Riley and Alfie.

The boys come in and challenge Ella to a sporting event, she chooses football. Sloane returns to give LaTroy an opportunity of a lifetime. Jacquie gets an enticing offer from a familiar foe.

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Emily was in the back row at Elite, but in the end, Amanda and Lucien agree she can be in the middle row after she improves.

Ella goes up a few turns before Riley and then Ella stsp Riley’s solo because Riley showed Ella her solo. As they are waiting, as they see Life Of Dance walk in.

Daniel makes a surprise return saying he is there to audition, claiming syep Next Step can’t win internationals without him. James and Riley go to the CPR class together and realize that the instructor is very weird.

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They let B-Troupe members audition and Giselle is desperate to make it in. Eventually everyone starts dancing together, forgetting about the dance captain situation. She feels really sad and wonders what epispde would be like to say bye to the next step. Riley decides to order more food to pass the time. Retrieved August 18, Later Riley and James go for a walk because James wants to talk to her, and he asks what happened. Richelle feels bad for family channel the next step season 3 episode 16, so she gives her the dance captain diary that Emily gave her.

Piper struggles to cope being around her duet partner. First on the list is to break up with Beth. Eldon is still mad at Emily for how she treated him when he made his grand gesture, but offers to help her with the moves after she confesses she doesn’t know them.

Meanwhile, A-Troupe performs in the fashion show and Zoltan and Minow make them their uniforms for Nationals. After the auditions Family channel the next step season 3 episode 16, Thalia and Amanda win the group performance at Nationals and Daniel is angry that he won’t be a featured dancer at all at Nationals now.

The Next Step are up against Jamaica.

But the twist is that they have to dance to pick epiwode movie and James wins, but gives his choice to Riley. But in the third round, One of Riley’s gloves gets caught in a feather on her bow and their performance goes awry.

The Next Step

Amy and her mother struggle to find common ground. The Next Step goes to Nationals. Elsewhere, Thalia helps Eldon teach the J-Troupe acro class and they grow closer when family channel the next step season 3 episode 16 perform a duet for them. Emily disagrees at first but later on agrees to try to make things 33 between them. Meanwhile, Stephanie tries not to resort to old habits; Cierra’s love of dance leads to trouble with Skylar; and Richelle tries to deal with her crush on Noah.

Season 5, Episode 19 December 6, Later, Michelle and Hunter perform their old duet and Hunter reveals he still loves Michelle, but Michelle walks away saying she can’t; she still misses Eldon.

Noah’s hidden back injury ruins the teams dance and TNS thus fails to qualify. Infuriated by this Riley makes Noah prove his dancing capability.