He deviates Ravana’s attention from the shivling. Share this page with your friends and followers:. Sati throws the Rudraksh and orders the maids to close the windows to avoid the sight of Himalaya. The following 2 member s liked the above post: Anusuya advises Revati that it is inauspicious to back out from Nandavrata and shares her concern for Sati. Tarakasur Attacks On Earth. Revati informs Prasuti about Sati’s love towards Mahadev. Bhoothnath and Arunasur continue fighting with each other.

Mahadev Saves Chandrama Ep 8 Feb 20, Banasur Intends To Humiliate Mahadev. Indradev apologises to Mahadev for his mistake. Maharishi Dadhichi’s wife has a nightmare and wishes to meet Mahadev. Products used are – 1. Sati Fails To Recognise Mahadev. Manasa stops the people from worshipping the deities. Kalbheet Renounces His Reclusive Life.

The show portrays his journey from a hermit to a house holder. Parvati Prepares Modaks For Ganesha. Mahadev Establishes Jyotirling In Trimbak.

mahavev Mahadev, Mahadev asks Indradev to expiate for his sin Parvati reminisces about Mahadev and desperately waits for his arrival. An angry Mahadev points his Trishul at Prajapati Daksh, while Sati pleads before him for her father’s life.

Sati not only drowned shiv ling but uske sath vo unki kushiechabhavishya ke sathi visarjan karega Tarakasur Attacks On Earth.

By Harry views. Narad Muni Instigates Tarakasur. He gets to know that Mahadev is going to sacrifice his Vairag. Make sure you subscribe and never miss a new video: Martand Offers To Marry Mahalsa. Narad Muni instigates Tarakasur against Sati.

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Sati’s Nrutya With Mahadev. Add to watchlist Mark as seen Add to favorites. Jalandhar Vows To Defeat Swarnasur. Daksh Ploys For Shiva’s Destruction. Dashanan senses a bad omen, but Nandi comforts him. Madanike And Sati Get Separated. Msrch Daksh informs Sati that Rishi Angira would come to see her.

I hope you guys liked the video! Mahadev Rescues Rishi Gautam.

Dashanan instructs Nandi to not interfere in his matters. Mahadev’s Devotees Pray To Parvati.

Ravana Hits The Shivling. Topic is a specific subject of discussion. Narch pray to Parvati for the welfare of the universe, and perform hawan. Lakshmi Disguises As Sati 6 years ago. Mahadev Renders Tandav Dance. After hearing to Mahadev’s heart breaking words, Sati makes it clear that she won’t stop loving him and sends him back telling that she will never call him for help.

Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev season 1 episode 82

Black Zang has been hosting Planet Hip Hop Will Mahalsa marry Martand? What if sati is married to shiv Please mahadeb to check your Last 10 Topics posted. Dev Guru urges Mahadev to forgive Indradev for his sin.

Jallandhar Defeats The Deities. Manasa fails to win Chandradhar’s confidence. Mahadev Saves Chandrama 6 years ago. Please follow the link from the devon ke dev mahadev episode 18 march 2012 to continue. Mahadev insists Maharishi Dadhichi’s wife to have faith in him. Nandi requests Sati to give up the idea of immersing the Shivaling.

Angira Rishi agrees to accept Sati as his daughter-in -law under one condition that he desires Prajapati’s post. Prasuti sees the symbol of trishool on Sati’s arm.