With the help of these creative geniuses, Jodorowsky planned on crafting a movie that would make people feel like they were taking LSD, that would spark a spiritual revolution. It made pirates cool again. In fact, he wishes that he lived back in the s, so he could sit on the Seine drinking coffee and talking philosophy with the legendary members of the Lost Generation. Featuring an incredible cast Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugo Weaving, Susan Sarandon, and Jim Broadbent, just to name a few , the film follows a small group of people as they live, die, and repeat their lives throughout history. I have to see this, but have never gotten around to it and I have to see it before I die or else I’ll be unfulfilled. Using concept art and interviews with Jodorowsky himself, this brilliant documentary chronicles the failed film. Playing like a bizarre mash-up of Godzilla and The Lost Weekend , Colossal follows an alcoholic, unemployed woman named Gloria Anne Hathaway who’s just been kicked out of her apartment.

She was left a widow when her husband died in a car wreck, and now she’s alone with her 7-year-old son, Samuel Noah Wiseman. Up is a visually and morally engaging film. Fresh from the jungles of I’m a Celebrity: The Invitation follows a guy named Will Logan Marshall-Green , who’s experienced a terrible tragedy that ruined his marriage. Concerned for his son’s soul, Dad Meiks begins to physically abuse Fenton, all while brainwashing Adam into following in his own bloody footsteps. The few survivors have taken shelter on a massive train run by a mysterious engineer Ed Harris , but life aboard this locomotive can be pretty rough for those stuck in the tail end.

And yeah, we all know they’re going to fail, but Zodiac isn’t about finding the truth. Instead, Bong Joon-ho’s first English-language film works more like a fairy tale, one full of brilliant visuals, masterful action scenes, and a moviess message about the nature of society. The movie encompasses every child and some adults imagination. If that bfeore like something you’re willing to happily part with, know this: In this universe, gangsters from send their victims back towhere they’re murdered and disposed of by hit men 10 movies you must see before you die Young Joe Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Watch it with someone you love, sure, but also watch it with someone who’s already seen you ugly cry.

That’s especially true for Gyllenhaal’s character, Robert Graysmith, a man who loses himself in the case because he just can’t live with uncertainty. One of many great films from the United Kingdom, featuring one of T. It’s an examination 10 movies you must see before you die the very idea of “revolution. It’s a treatise on obsession, on what happens to a person befoe curiosity keeps gnawing away at his mind.

You owe it to yourself to see Movie Kuenne’s documentary Dear Zachary at least once, if only to admit into your life’s evidence a platonic, cinematic love letter as large-hearted and pure as any corndog sonnet. This film with big ideas spans across millennia, from the 19th mofies to the post-apocalypse.

Amelia and Samuel’s relationship is complicated; he’s basically a devil child.

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This brilliant film grapples with the ethical and moral questions about how humans should treat artificial intelligence, and it also deals with relevant themes like the issue of surveillance.

If the “z” word scares you off, call it what you will, but it’s hard mlvies refute the film’s core messages: If you’ve ever questioned, for even a second, the need for a free and vibrant press, or what good journalists and journalism can really do in this country, Spotlight is an excellent ripped-from-the-headlines primer. However, the movie really gets interesting when we discover Old Joe voluntarily came back in time.

Well, most walked away. Definitely worth viewing, especially in high mustt. The same actors appear in each new chapter, playing reincarnated souls of varying genders and races. But for the rest of us, it’s a revelation, with dozens of absolutely bonkers allegations and stories 10 movies you must see before you die to light. Sure, he’s become a horrible person, but he’s going to get his face on the Mt.

Neiman only grows more and more obsessed with impressing Fletcher and becoming the next Buddy Rich.

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Based on the novel by David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas is a big, messy, sprawling movie with a reach that exceeds its grasp. That’s not to say that the men in this film deserve our sympathies.

Dorothy certainly isn’t in Kansas anymore, Toto, 10 movies you must see before you die she sings and dances her way across one of the most magical fairylands ever committed to celluloid. We won’t give away any more of the plot, but rest assured, things get really scary really fast.

That Phil Connors’s spiritual makeover is thoroughly non-denominational makes the film, and its message, better and all the more universal. If you want to keep completely spoiler-free, just know that writer-director Jordan Peele has crafted one of the greatest horror movies of the s, one that surpassed all box office expectations muts impressed nearly every critic on Earth.

The UK’s favourite Geordie duo in their first big screen movie. It’s not exactly the ideal post-turkey Thanksgiving Day flick to pick, no, but watching it in your old bedroom after everyone else has nodded off will make you awfully thankful your parents didn’t resemble the nameless and nihilistic duo in Dogtooth. He called himself the Zodiac, and nobody ever discovered his true identity, although that wasn’t for lack of trying.

You fie on the adventure with Dorothy as she goes about 10 movies you must see before you die trip down the yellow brick road. It’s sre that old toast: It’s a chilling performance from Paxton, jovies it’s a frightening film that, as Stephen Holden of The New York Times put it, “forcefully reminds us of the befre to which all of us are our parents’ ideological captives when we’re children.

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The Rum Runners are the greatest movie fan base around. What makes the film a minor miracle is that it is also, somehow, one of the rawest, most heart-wrenching depictions of what it means to be a family ever committed to film. In 10 movies you must see before you die s, death squads roamed the country, slaughtering an estimated 1.

But while the movie is far from perfect, you’ve got to give it major points for ambition. But despite his Hollywood success, Gil dreams of writing 10 movies you must see before you die great novel, something that might stand alongside the works of Ernest Hemingway and F.

That’s a pretty deep message for a movie involving ax battles and psychopathic kindergarten teachers. Concerned for his son’s soul, Dad Meiks begins to physically abuse Fenton, all while brainwashing Adam into following in his own bloody footsteps. It made pirates cool again. Dying before seeing Gaspar Noe’s horror-drama Irreversible would rob you of witnessing two of the most brutal, nigh-unwatchable scenes of violence ever staged.